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The Grove Studio is very happy to welcome long-time friend and Zen Healer, Elliott Freed, to Atlanta.   

Click below to learn more Elliott and his work, as well as to schedule a session directly.




18 pound bag for $22.84

Ships from the SaltWorks store

We've been using this brand for years.  Food grade and unscented, the quality is high, it's affordable and ships right to your door.  I keep a quarter-cup measuring measuring scoop right in the bag, under the bathroom sink.

180 capsules for $60.00

Ships from the Houston Enzymes store

Over the years we have found TriEnza to be our most effective digestive enzyme - especially in cases of dietary infractions, like when some pizza (gluten) or dairy sneaks into the diet.  We have found it to be helpful for the whole family.

180 capsules for $167.01

Ships from the Visbiome store

VSL3 (the offshoot of Visbiome) has been our favorite probiotic.  It's expensive - but effective.  Many years ago I experimented with making yoghurt out of capsules.  Many of the lesser priced formulas failed to culture.  This product does.

4 ounces for $49.87

Ships from the Bioray store

The liver is one of our most overworked and under attended to organs in terms of support.  Liver Life has an abundance of research supporting its efficacy and I find it to be a foundation of any healing protocol.


4 ounces for $78.30

Ships from the Bioray store 

Cytoflora was one of earliest interventions, and one of our most successful.  I consider it to be one of the first steps - and one of the most effective -  in foundational gut support.  Cytoflora may be paired with Artemesia & Clove when parasites are suspected.

2 ounces for $32.40

Ships from the BioRay store

Artemesia & Clove is Bioray's proprietary herbal blend that includes Black Walnut Hull and Wormwood to help to tackle unfriendly organisms within the gut, and may be especially helpful against parasites, especially used alongside Cytoflora.

200 capsules for $26.26

Ships from the Solaray store

We have used this product for many years.  It is the most affordable complete multi-mineral formulation - in bioavailable form - that I have been able to to find and, for my family, I find it a key element of foundational support.

120 capsules for $84.95

Ships from the Nordic Naturals store

Recommended by Dr. James Adams of Arizona State University as part of his foundational protocol that helps to support the wellness of children on the spectrum.  We use this product in our own home.


Due to the current COVID wave, and out of an abundance of precaution, we will not be accepting appointments for any manual therapies until (at least) February 1st, 2022.

Until then, we are more than happy to continue to offer remote Coaching and Iridology sessions.   Quite sincerely, this is the best time for all of us to be addressing our foundational health so that we are stronger, and sounder, for the future ahead.  There is a TREMENDOUS amount that we can do together, still partnering, side-by-side, and one-by-one, albeit from a distance.

As always, please continue browse our growing research library, and to feel free to shop our curated collection of professional grade supplements, at professional prices, through our partnership with FullScript.  Feel free to reach out should you need any guidance in making your selections.

Apologies for this inconvenience, and many thanks to all for your continued support.

We WILL get through this together.

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​The Grove Studio is very happy to welcome long-time friend and Zen Healer, Elliott Freed, to Atlanta.   

Elliott is a remarkable healer who first helped my family several years ago.  With a cat.  Snickers, the cat, was dying from rapid onset kidney failure.  At mid-day on Sunday, our veterinarian advised me that Snickers would not live through the end of that day.  That afternoon, with Snickers barely holding on, I had a remote session with Elliott.  Snickers was on my lap.  Before the end of the session, during which it felt as if a bolus of radiating energy had been transferred into me, Snickers jumped from my lap and sauntered – with attitude – straight into the kitchen to find some food.  To me, it was truly miraculous.  Snickers was nineteen years old at the time, and lived for a full year following that session.

Nina Dmitrieff, Owner

The Grove Studio for Natural Healing