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Herbal Medicine


Every one of these products has been well tested by our family, some for many years, and by many of the families that we have worked with.   This section currently serves for reference.  Prices are not marked, as they are at the discretion of the suppliers.


Saltworks Epsom Salt Baths

Ships from the SaltWorks store

We've been using this brand for years.  Food grade and unscented, the quality is high, it's affordable and ships right to your door.  I keep a quarter-cup measuring measuring scoop right in the bag, under the bathroom sink.


TriEnza Digestive Enzymes

Ships from the Houston Enzymes store

Over the years we have found TriEnza to be our most effective digestive enzyme - especially in cases of dietary infractions, like when some pizza (gluten) or dairy sneaks into the diet.  We have found it to be helpful for the whole family.


Visbiome Probiotics

Ships from the Visbiome store

VSL3 (the offshoot of Visbiome) has been our favorite probiotic.  It's expensive - but effective.  Many years ago I experimented with making yoghurt out of capsules.  Many of the lesser priced formulas failed to culture.  This product did - and does.


Solaray Mega Multi Mineral

Ships from the Solaray store

We have used this product for many years.  It is the most affordable complete multi-mineral formulation - in bioavailable form - that I have been able to to find and, for my family, I find it a key element of foundational support.


Solaray Vitamin C with Bioflavinoids 

Ships from the Solaray store

This is the Vitamin C we use in my family. I like the capsules, dosage and the addition of bioflavonoids, acerola and rose hips.  And I like the price.


Nordic Naturals ProEPA Xtra

Ships from the Nordic Naturals store

Recommended by Dr. James Adams of Arizona State University as part of his foundational protocol to help support the wellness of children on the spectrum.  We use this product in our own home.


Liver Life by Bioray

Ships from the Bioray store

The liver is one of our most overworked and under attended-to organs in terms of support.  Liver Life has an abundance of research confirming its efficacy and I find it to be essential in any foundational healing protocol.


CytoFlora by Bioray

Ships from the Bioray store

Bioray's Cytoflora is a terrific product and my favorite "starter" probiotic. It's gentle, effective and powerful, with a great selection of strains.  Once we achieved therapeutic dose, it gave us our earliest speech, moving from echolalia to sentences.


Artemesia & Clove by Bioray

Ships from the Bioray store

Artemesia & Clove is Bioray's proprietary herbal blend that includes Black Walnut Hull and Wormwood to help to tackle unfriendly organisms within the gut, and may be especially helpful against parasites, especially used alongside Cytoflora.


My nightstand pile is always teetering with books half-read, barely read, and some - truly - not even opened.  The books below are those that I have fully read, highlighted and refer to often - with information not readily (if at all) available online.

Food Rules.jpg

Food Rules:  An Eater’s Manual

By Michael Pollan

$14.99.  Hardcover.

One of the most beautiful little books I’ve come across, and it’s one of my favorite “give-aways” for new coaching clients.   Wonderfully illustrated, it’s simple, to the point and helps to remind us what food is – and what it isn’t.


Dr. Jensen's Guide to Diet and Detoxification

By Bernard Jensen, DC, PhD

$27.47.  Hardcover.

Buy it for the introductory chapters alone.  Maybe this should be the FIRST book read.  And, it’s a quick and easy read.   For me, it's not about his actual plan, it’s about understanding the interconnection between the gut, toxicity, elimination and health.  All kinds of health – not just Autism.  (But that, too.)


The Wahls Protocol:  A Radical New Way to Treat all Chronic Immune Conditions

By Terry Wahls, MD

$14.93. Paperback.

I’m a big fan of the Wahls Protocol.  It’s the simplest of diets, easy to follow – stresses an abundance of vegetables (the “9 Cup Rule”), reminds us of the value of foods high in sulfur – and is, most of all, effective.


Gut and Psychology Syndrome

By Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD

$16.83.  Paperback.

This was one of the first books I came across on our own healing journey.  It’s packed with terrific information and helps parents to understand the connection and the many health behavioral conditions (ADD, ADHD, Autism, Allergies) that have become increasingly prevalent in our children.


GAPS Stories:  Personal Accounts of Improvement and Recovery

Compiled by Medinform Publishing

$22.46. Paperback.

Whether you follow GAPS or SCD, or even a Keto or Mediteranean diet, the magic of this not-well-known book is the inspiration that it offers, especially to those just starting out on their healing journeys.  Food-like-products hurt, and good food heals – and this book offers a collection of recovery stories following dietary change.


Cure Your Child with Food

By Kelly Dorfman, MS, LND and Richard E. Layton, MD

$16.95.  Paperback.

This is a terrific book, and well worth purchasing for the introductory chapters alone.  Cure Your Child with Food is a quick and relatively easy read and serves to convincingly make the clear the connection between diet and our children’s behavior, driving home the point “you are what you eat.”


The Un-Prescription for Autism

By Janet Lintala

$6.04.  Paperback.

I really liked this book and have referred to it frequently.   My favorite part is the recommended enzyme protocol as a quick start to the recovery journey.  Recovery is a long and difficult process (but possible), Janet Lintala offers some very good quick-start advice.


The Mercury Detoxification Manual

By Andrew Hall Cutler PhD and Rebecca Rust Lee

$50.00.  Paperback.

Arguably (and many do) I personally find this to be one of the most important books and protocols out there capable of effectively helping so many children and adults.   And I have a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude for the late Dr. Cutler.  Many years ago he was one of the first people to respond and guide me on our very own healing journey.


We cook a LOT in this house.  Here are our must-have tools and gadgets, and only those that have truly withstood the test of time.  Every item featured below is one that is used near-daily in our kitchen.


Duralex 3 inch Glass Prep Bowls

Ships from the Duralex store

These glass bowls are small, durable (I have never broken one) – and perfect.   I use them to portion out vitamins, and also to serve fermented foods with meals (yoghurt, sauerkraut, kimchi).  If I’m cooking more sophisticated recipes, like Indian dishes, I use these bowls to measure out my spices in advance.   For four of us -  between vitamins, yoghurt and ‘kraut – I typically use 12 bowls at the dinner table.


Lodge CARBON STEEL Skillet

Ships from the Lodge store

I bought this (the 15 inch size) a few years ago as an experiment, to use on an electric stove.   Today it is my go-to skillet on a GAS stove!  It can easily fit four portions of steak, burgers, chicken breasts, fish filets – with room for gravies.  It’s lightweight, shallow sided, heats super quickly and you get a wonderful sear.  And the more we use it, the better it becomes.


Bamboo Salad Bowl

Ships from the BergHOFF store

Our 14 inch wooden salad bowl is a work-horse.  We use it every single night.  I put leaves, fresh herbs and seasonings in first, then pour some olive oil - and maybe a splash of balsamic vinegar - in the bottom and toss just before we sit at the table.  After serving, I rinse and allow it to dry.  I prefer larger bowls – there is better room to toss, and the salad leaves don’t get squashed and mushy.


Norpro Stainless Steel Grater

Ships from the Norpro Store

Inexpensive, and with no wooden or plastic parts to be ruined, this grater can go straight into the dishwasher.  I use a box grater for ginger (you don’t even have to peel it!), carrots, daikon radish, hard cheeses like parmesan, zesting lemon and limes and shredding potatoes to make Rösti (which, in turn, can be made into a healthy pizza).  I’ve had mine for years and expect that it will last a lifetime.