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Testimonials: Testimonials

"I absolutely love the Grove studio! Nina is highly educated and certified in every treatment and modality she offers. My session was so relaxing because of her technique and gentle spirit. When so many are claiming to know and deliver lymphatic drainage without the proper training or knowledge she is the real deal!"

E.M., Roswell (via Google Reveiws)

"I recently came to Nina in search of relief from my sciatica through CranioSacral therapy. Her extensive knowledge and gifted abilities were able to relieve all pain from the excruciating sciatica I was dealing with. I am finally able to do many of the physical activities that just a few months ago I was unable to do. I am forever indebted to her caring, skillful abilities, as I am now moving on to her lymphatic drainage skills to further my quest for good health. Also, please ask her about the benefits of red light therapy. I am happy to say that after several sessions of the red light therapy, I am already noticing a difference in how my skin and body feels overall. I am truly in awe of her talents, she is one of a kind. Please come see her, you truly will not regret it!"

R.J., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

"Nina has an encyclopedic knowledge in healing our children – in nutrition, supplementation, toxicity and remedies including Homeopathy. She reads all the academic research papers. Then writes a paper herself on given topic to make sure she understands it!  Who does that?!!!  Nina does. That’s how thorough she is.

She is insightful, compassionate and very generous with her time  - not just with me but with other families too.   

I am forever grateful of her continuous assistance to both my boys and highly recommend her!"

A Mother, from Switzerland

"Nina is such a blessing! Not only is she patient and very thorough throughout each and every session, but she is extremely knowledgeable on the body and lymphatic system. I wish I came to her after my first round.

If you have any issues with fibrosis (past and present), you must schedule an appointment with Nina. With her knowledge and specialized skills, she will help reduce/remove your fibrosis and help you achieve the body that you want."

S.B., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

"Unbelievably Amazing! There really aren’t words to truly describe Nina’s abilities but I’ll make an attempt. She has extensive education in so many areas of healing. That knowledge combined with her innate talents makes her an indescribably special massage therapist. After your first session you will know you have found a rare jewel."

T.W., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

"My family has been working for almost 2 years with Ms Dmitrieff. Unlike other consultants she knows what Autism is and advice she gives are simply precious. She guided me through changing the diet our family is now, she consulted with the list of supplements which are extremely important, she advised how to change our routine so that my boy would be able to succeed in his life. The only regret I have is why I haven't met Nina when my child was first diagnosed with Autism."

A Mother, from Russia

"Nina did an incredible job. you can tell she is an expert and takes pride in her work. it was easy to communicate with her about appointment scheduling and she was very accommodating. I will be back to see her soon!"

E.P., Atlanta (via Google Reviews)

"Nina was amazing! Her technique, her knowledge of the body, her space. She took her time and I walked out feeling Great! Booking my next session immediately!"

M.H., Roswell

"Amazing and honest work. I noticed a huge difference on my tummy tuck after my lymphatic massage. She is very helpful and is helping me plan my healing! Highly recommend :)"

B.M., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

"For my son Nina has been a godsend. Since he is autistic we were feeding him anything he requested - mostly junk food. Nina helped change our whole lifestyle and our perceptions. From pizza every day he has gone to following a healthy and varied diet!  His receptive understanding has sky rocketed and our small steps towards healing are visible. We could never have achieved any of this if Nina had not knocked sense into me.  If there is any angel in my son’s life, it’s Nina. We couldn’t be happier."

A Mother, from Dubai

"I don't what I would do without Nina's healing hands. She worked me through Frozen Shoulder when the physical therapists could not have success. Since then, I make it a point to see her on a regular basis for the most relaxing and soothing massages and to visit with her beautiful heart."

T.W., Johns Creek, Georgia

"Nina is a miracle worker. If you have the time, you need to go see her asap."

J.M., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

"I've been going to massages for the past several years, and this was my best experience by far. Nina was recommended to me by a friend, saying that I had to see her, and I'm so glad I did. The quality of touch, the pace, it was like a dance that elevated massage into an art. Loved it!"

L.S, Alpharetta (via Google Reviews)

"My son was only 1 ½ years old when he was diagnosed with severe autism.  Our life was full of tantrums, aggressive behavior, crying, no sleep, an eating disorder.  He was not aware of his surroundings.  He was just and unhappy child.

Until Nina came into our life.

With Nina’s weekly guidance, protocol and support we are able to lift the fog that my son was in.  She just knows why and how to fix whatever is going on with him.  And she cares more than anyone.

My son is now 3 years old.  And you can never guess it is the same child that was once diagnosed.  He is verbal, loves to be outside, loves to play and to be around people and family.  He is independent.  He’s smart, loving and happy.  Which is the most important thing for us.

I got my son and my family back.

And it’s all thanks to Nina."

A Mother, from Israel

"I have had several massages with Nina.  She always provides a most wonderful session, with skill and excellent pressure.  A+ Rating!"

T.H., Alpharetta, Georgia

"I have been trying biomedical interventions with my son for almost three years, but it was a constant back and forth.  Last September Nina came onboard to help us.  We had detailed discussions and came up with a solid plan to move forward.  We saw tremendous change for the positive.  The difference was night and day.  The progress continues to date.  We could not have chose a better consultant.  The best part is how accessible Nina has been in my most desperate times.  She is always willing to listen and help.  As an autism parent herself, she can relate to families and she explains and educates along the way so that parents learn as they go.  I wish we had crossed paths earlier."

A Mother, from Texas

"Very great massage came out very relaxed and feeling a lot less tense. Definitely going back!"

S.W., Alpharetta (via Google Reviews)

"My son, who is 12 years old, has been struggling with severe asthma and anaphylactic food allergies since he was born. I had the opportunity to meet Nina who became our health coach. First I was impressed by her knowledge in science, food, chemistry of the body, and she quickly was able to show me that most of the chronic diseases of our time are linked to our diet and the gut microbiome. She was determined to help me and was from day one very accessible and provided me with the attention I needed in the diet change. 

After only few weeks, I started to notice that my son's overall health was doing better because he did not need to use his inhaler that often. The change did not happen suddenly, I had few trials and errors but because she was very supportive, I was able to be back on track thanks to her. I cannot be grateful enough on how much she helped my son and myself (emotionally) on this difficult journey. It has been a little more than two months, from using his inhaler every day, sometimes few times a day, to now using it once a week and some weeks never. Her dedication, patience, professionalism and availability made it a success.

Thank you very much Nina."

A Mother, from New York

I have been getting massages for over 30 yrs.  I can say without any hesitation that Nina is THE BEST! She is gifted and has a healing touch. I HIGHLY recommend her. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

J.S., Roswell, Georgia

"I scheduled an hour massage for my first visit. It was very good, and I have scheduled an hour and a half for my second!"

E.L., Atlanta (via Google Reviews)

"Thank you!  You are incredible!"

N.M., Alpharetta

"From only one consultation my daughter’s life and ours have truly changed for the best.  I was introduced to Nina at a really low time in our life where my daughter severely displayed the worst behaviors/symptom of autism.  Nina directed us to changing her diet and reevaluating her medication.  I’ve since detoxed my child, given her more sunlight exposure, to run, to stimulate her mind.  That alone has ultimately progressed my daughter’s condition to about 85% today.  I look forward to consulting with Nina again,  she is the Healer of All Healers!  I’ve met psychiatrists, psychotherapists, doctors, counselors and to no avail that they have not been as efficient in their profession as to what the power of healing that Nina possesses.  Thank you Nina for all of the magnificent work you do to save our children."

A Mother, from New York

"Nina is an incredible soul and a true professional.  Her knowledge of the body is outstanding and her hands are magic.  I highly recommend!"

M.K., Johns Creek, Georgia

"We have been working with Nina to improve the health of my autistic son since November 2019.

Christmas 2019, he avoided being with the rest of the family.  I had to unwrap all of his presents for him, and he showed no interest in any of his gifts.  Christmas has no meaning or enjoyment for him.

Christmas 2020, we sat down as a family together to watch a move Christmas Eve.  My son came to join us, completely of his own accord.  He squashed himself between his 2 brothers on a 2 seater couch and watched the movie with us.  No amount of coaxing would have previously made this happen.  This was really special for me that the whole family could enjoy something together.

Then, Christmas Day my husband's parents visited.  My son joined us for present opening, again completely of his own accord.  He sat next to Grandpa and just did what everyone else did:  put his hand in his Santa sack, pulled out a present one at a time, unwrapped it, and studied each gift with excitement.  He spontaneously, without any request, instruction, or help, intuitively engaged with his musical instruments an writing tablet.

I am so very grateful to have found Nina.  I have real home for a brighter future for my son."

A Mother, from the UK

"Due to my work, I usually have a headache and shoulder pain. I received an awesome medical massage therapy from Nina today. After the session, my morning headache and shoulder stiffness is gone. So I feel great! Thank you Nina"

"If people are looking for professional help for their muscle pains, I would recommend them to see Nina"

A Client, from Atlanta

"Nina was fabulous! I came stressed out & left completely relaxed! Plan on booking more future appointments!"

E.W., Alpharetta (via Google Reviews)

"I requested cupping therapy for back pain, and tightness in my shoulders from driving long hours. Nina uses massage to locate the areas that should be cupped and uses a suction technique in order to aid in detoxing. It was absolutely wonderful! Nine is very knowledgeable and caring. I've had a pain free weekend of driving and I will be back for another session this week."

J.A., Atlanta (via Google Reviews)

"I had recently moved and have also been doing renovations in the house, needless to say my body was a mess. Nina took her time to find how to help me get better and I left a much better person. Will be coming back soon to try on cupping."

E.T., Johns Creek  (via Google Reviews)

"What intrigued me about The Grove Studio was the natural healing part. Having musculoskeletal issues, I am used to massage but new to cupping and lymphatic draining. She also offers Iridology, which is the study of the iris in the eye. Just like markings on a map, the iris can reveal one's current health state along with strengths and potential challenges of certain organ systems, and even personality.

Nina was wonderful to answer questions I had, she took a very thorough history before we started and explained every step of the way.

My biggest compliment…. She worked each area… paying attention to areas that needed extra time…

I will definitely continue having her help me…"

K.M., Alpharetta (via Google Reviews)

"Fantastic lymphatic facial massage. Instant results. I plan to return for additional treatments."

L.Y., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

"I have terrible allergies and sinus issues. Recently I have had several allergic reactions and have ended up swollen in my face. Nina did some lymphatic drainage and I felt the results almost instantly. I am able to fully breathe out of my nose for the first time in weeks! Thank you so much Nina!"

S.W., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

"Nina, he is doing so good I can't even explain.  His speech and his vocabulary got better and the way he asks questions is amazing.  He is so happy and relaxed!  I can't thank u enough for everything u do for us!  My heart is exploding from all of this!"

A Mother, from Miami

"The best and most professional services I've ever had. Highly recommended."

L.B., Atlanta (via Google Reviews)

"Nina, is an amazing, knowledgeable and thoughtful consultant. She was very helpful in navigating my son’s challenges with autism. She is increasingly kind and has a vast wealth of knowledge."

A Mother, from Canada

"Wonderful massage , she inquired about and targeted all my problem areas & addressed them properly. Also recommended exercises to do at home. Highly recommend."

C.P., Marietta

"I had an injury on my shoulder for god knows how long. I was referred to Nina by a friend of mine who prepaid a two hour session.

The room is personalized to allow you to feel relaxed. My first observation of the room was that it was extremely clean and tidy. After a brief consultation, I was asked to undress and get on the table and under the covers while Nina stepped out of the room. The massage table had a heating pad that was nice, warm and cozy.

She assessed my body with compressions before moving on to myofascial work, some deep tissue in tight areas and stretching. By the time she finished I was too relaxed to notice that the pain in my shoulder was gone for the first time in years, and continues to be gone a week later.

Nina is the real deal, she is professional, gentle and extremely knowledgeable about the human body and the things to look for, very impressive."

D.D, Duluth (via Google Reviews)

"What an amazing experience! Nina was very knowledgeable and professional. I booked the appointment because I was having some back issues and after the massage and some good pointers on how I can also work on my posture to help my issues I felt like a new person! I already booked my next appointment and can’t wait to finally feel better! So glad I found this place!"

N.H., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

"As a cancer survivor I was excited to discover Nina! She was genuine and gave me some great advise on keeping my body healthy and cancer -free by recommending certain foods & supplements. More importantly, staying hydrated. The 90 min massage was excellent and I will be going back."

L.E., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

"I’ve been to a lot of massage therapists she is the best! Nina Not only is really good at what she does it’s the attention to detail that also impressed me. She goes out of her way to do the small things that make your whole experience amazing. She knows what she’s talking about and she cares very passionately about what she does!"

K.P., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

"Nina is very professional and it’s obvious she loves her job! I had swelling after my abdominoplasty and her lymphatic massage helped tremendously! I lost 5 lbs of water weight the next day and felt like I could breathe so much better!"

D.W, Roswell (via Google Reviews)

"I appreciate Nina and the care and time she took with my body. Nina answered my questions and I felt that I not only received an excellent massage, but also learned about my body and how to handle specific areas. Best massage I've had in a long time. Thank you Nina."

B.W., Alpharetta (via Google Reviews)

"Best, most relaxing & restorative massage I've ever had. Nina is both experienced and professional. I (literally) felt like I was in good hands with her. Highly recommend!!"

J.H., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

I’ve been going to The Grove Studio for MLD massage therapy since March 2022 and I cannot tell you how beneficial it has been both pre and post op for me. Nina is extremely skilled in massage and knowledgeable when it comes to the lymphatic system. She has been an indispensable asset to my post op recovery and overall health.

K.W., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

"I was interested in trying lymphatic drainage and was very pleased and impressed with Nina's level of knowledge and experience. After my first visit, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my lung capacity and breathing. She walked me through the entire treatment, was very patient, and provided guidance on how to continue to advance my health and wellness at home. I will continue to visit her for lymphatic sessions and massage therapy. Overall the location is very convenient, and the office is clean and welcoming."

T.D., Roswell (Via Google Reviews)

"What a difference I feel after a few visits with Nina. Her treatments carry the whole wellness package. Her compassion, knowledge and energetic touch makes The Grove Studio a must for all focused massage needs."

S.W., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

"Nina is a gift to this work, a model for anyone seeking to make a difference in this profession: curious, passionate and present. She genuinely cares! After one session, I sent both my wife and my mother in law to see her, and my mother in law went back! Highest form of praise!!!

Moved near here from Canada during the pandemic and saw her sign walking along the road. I'm a medical massage therapist myself and have had many massages and given hundreds.

I believe in the work that Nina is offering and am without reservation in recommending her. Truly, do yourself a kindness and gift yourself this experience. You're worth it!"

R.T., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

"The only reason I hesitate to give Nina a perfect review is because it’s getting harder and harder to schedule time with her because so many other people seem to be realizing she’s so incredibly talented and skilled - but she deserves nothing less. She’s quite amazing. I visited after a knee replacement and she has helped not only with the healing from the surgery and rehab, but also with the other issues I’m experiencing as my body aligns with the new posture overall. A nice follow up to a great PT experience. My husband has become equally convinced of the need for regular treatments now too after treatment for his calf cramps and tennis shoulder injury."

P.G., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

Anonymous., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

"Nina was absolutely incredible! Very knowledgeable and an incredibly relaxing experience. Will definitely be back!"

M.B., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

"I have been coming to Nina for lymphatic massages for a few weeks now and they have been life changing! She is so sweet, gentle and knowledgeable and I love talking with her during my sessions, it feels like spending time with a friend. I recommend her to everyone I know and will always come and see her for lymphatic massages. :)"

V.C., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

"I learned about lymphatic drainage therapy after being recommended to Nina by my girlfriend. She gave an excellent explanation of the lymphatic drainage procedure as well as its benefits. I was concerned because I had never been to a lymphatic therapist before but the process was pretty simple and quite relaxing. The treatment dramatically reduced the swelling of my face and increased how well I could breathe when around cats. Nina has also been incredibly helpful with providing insight on how to improve both my allergies and general health.

With lymphatic drainage my allergies have become far better, my facial puffiness has reduced, and I am more comfortable."

C.C., Sandy Springs (via Google Reviews)

"Nina is the absolute BEST! I started seeing her for Lymph Drainage Massages, and she ended up helping me heal my gut, anxiety and inflammation. I just recently saw her for a Craniosacral Massage and WOW. I connected with my inner child and was in happy tears. Can’t wait for new second session!!!"

S.M., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

"We love Nina!! She is so knowledgeable, thorough and truly cares about her clients. She spends extra time when needed and doesn't accept tips even though she always goes above and beyond. She is an expert in holistic wellness and we have learned a great deal from her. Highly recommend her for pediatric lymphatic massage and craniosacral therapy. You will be in great hands!"

S.J., Atlanta (via Google Reviews)

"Absolutely love the results from getting a lymphatic drainage massage. Can for sure see a difference. Definitely going to do this again, and would highly recommend. I have learned some much just from the couple of sessions."

H.H., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

"My surgeon recommended that I see Nina after my mommy makeover. I came to the first session bruised, swollen and in so much pain and was able to stand pain free and straight right after that session. Nina helped me to understand compression and how to take care of my scar and patiently supported me through the challenging recovery process. Four months later I am delighted with the results and know that Nina’s gentle and skillfull care helped to produce this outcome."




She's amazing!

A Client, Roswell

"Nina is amazing! She really got to know me and my health related concerns. I went to her for a CranioSacral Therapy session after having it recommended to me for my tinnitus. The session was truly eye opening. I feel more connected to my body and am starting to experience a reduction in my tinnitus symptoms."

J.C., Atlanta (Google Reviews)

"The new location is awesome! Easy to find, ground floor for easy entry, and building itself is overall an upgrade! Nina always continues to do great work and I feel a million times better after a session with her. Go check out her new space! Much bigger, great lay out and location!"

J.A., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

"Had my first CranioSacral Therapy (CST) session and it will not be the last. It was truly a unique experience - one word to sum it up, "trippy". It was so peaceful and quieting, both mind and body. For someone like me, with an overactive mind and stressful lifestyle, I never imagined it would be possible. Nina is very gifted, and I am grateful that she shares her gifts with others. Thanks Nina, see you again soon!"

T.G., Roswell (via Google Reviews)

"I highly recommend Nina for lymphatic drainage massage and cupping. She released a lot of stuff for me, and I will continue seeing her. I will be using her for other family members as well as recommending her to clients."

K.S., Cumming (via Google Reviews)

"After my first lymphatic facial I left looking like I did 15 years ago. With reduced swelling my cheek bones were back!"

D.P., Atlanta (Google Review)

"Very knowledgeable, professional and caring. Highly recommend for Lymphatic massage."

C.M., Atlanta (via Google Reviews)

"I’ve been going to The Grove Studio for MLD massage therapy since March 2022 and I cannot tell you how beneficial it has been both pre and post op for me. Nina is extremely skilled in massage and knowledgeable when it comes to the lymphatic system. She has been an indispensable asset to my post op recovery and overall health."

K.W., Atlanta (Google Reviews)

"One of the best massages I have found! I suffer from a handful of sports injuries that have caused me chronic lower back & hip pain, leaving this studio has been the best I have felt in years."

C.M., Atlanta (via Google Reviews)

"Nina, is an amazing, knowledgeable and thoughtful consultant. She was very helpful in navigating my son’s challenges with autism.  She is increasingly kind and has a vast wealth of knowledge."

M.P., Canada (via Google Reviews)

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