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​The Grove Studio is very happy to welcome long-time friend and Zen Healer, Elliott Freed, back to Atlanta.     

Elliott is offering one-on-one energetic healing sessions (to humans as well as animals) at the studio in Roswell (by appointment), while continuing to offer remote sessions to his clients world-wide.

Please take a few minutes to read the powerful testimonials below of Elliott’s work.

You may schedule either an in-person or remote session directly with Elliott by clicking the link below.


“It felt like being held in the hands of spirit.”

“I felt calm and peaceful after my session, and continue to feel so!!  I tend to cry a lot.  I have been just coping with stress in a whole different way where I don't feel nearly as weighed down by it.  This is the first month in as long as I can remember that my period did not cause me severe cramps!!”

“I had an experience of deeply letting go, and abiding within, and as I write this, eight and a half hours after my session, I continue to remain centered and calm.  Elliott, thank you for teaching me something so simple, yet profound!”

“I am very glad I came for a session.  As lung capacity is gradually returning, I have noticed some surges of energy which is very exciting and powerful, and in dramatic contrast to the limitations of the past 6 weeks.  I am also feeling clearer about boundaries I want to uphold with my previous partner, such as choosing to change my focus when I drift into longing and missing her.”

“Meeting and working with Elliott was nurturing, validating and encouraging.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Elliott to my circle.  Thank you again for the work and guidance.”

“In my session with Elliott I had big energy shifts which allowed me to release some old pain.  I felt lighter and more peaceful after the session and continued to have other openings in my energy field in the few days following the treatment.  I will definitely be back for more.”

“My body was really relaxed so I could leave it and travel to realms I hadn't gone to before.  I also felt safe to let go and experience different levels including Tibetan demons (where I realized there is no good or bad), to dark skies with stars and then to that place of nothing AND everything where I got a lot of downloads into body.  Profound.  Yes I did come back to earth but it was tempting to give it all up.  And besides, as I told Elliott, it wouldn't be good for his reputation if I exited the earth. :)  I could do all this because of Elliott's presence and sometimes the few words that he does use are right on.”

“I actually felt a bit ill after the session and super, super tired.  My kidney's were throbbing and sore.  I just wanted to crawl into bed and was cold.  As a practitioner I know this can happen during the healing process.  It just confirms to me that it was working!  I slept for ten hours for the first time in a long time and was so pleased.  I am looking forward to seeing and feeling the results after the next session.”  (Elliott's note: this recipient was diagnosed by a medical doctor the following week with stage four cancer.  Eight years later they are whole and healthy.)

“Thank you for your awesome presence in Deep Cove.  I am enjoying being that little girl and communing with my grandmother.  I feel loved and protected when I am sitting with her in that space.”

"Elliott is a remarkable healer, who first helped my family several years ago.  With a cat.  Snickers, the cat, was actively dying from rapid onset kidney failure.  At mid-day on Sunday, our veterinarian advised me that Snickers would not live through the end of that day.  That afternoon, with Snickers barely holding on, I had a remote session with Elliott, and Snickers on my lap.   Before the end of the session, during which it felt as if a bolus of radiating energy had been transferred into me, Snickers jumped from my lap and trotted – with attitude – straight into the kitchen to find some food.  To me, it was truly near-miraculous.  I will never forget it.  Snickers went on to live, well and happily, for a whole year longer."

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Elliott has been involved in health and healing since 1988.  He became a massage therapist in 1995.  In 1999 he began studying energy healing with a zen monk from China.  In 2002 he graduated from Chinese medicine school and began to practice acupuncture and herbal medicine.  In 2009, he was invited to study under the guidance of a Tibetan monk.  He has also spent time with shamans from different regions in Mexico.  He spends his days meditating and healing.


Elliott is offering energy healing work in the traditional Chinese zen monastic style.  The method is called Universal Qi Transmission.  This method has been used by the monks and nuns for thousands of years to treat and heal themselves, their spiritual brothers and sisters and the lay people.

He is offering sessions in person at The Grove Studio in Roswell, Georgia on select days by appointment.  He is also offering distance healing sessions for people (and animals) anywhere in the world on other days.

The price for a session is $140 (USD).

What to Expect

Each session begins with a conversation.  This helps to harmonize our heart vibrations.  From the conversation we naturally segue into the healing session.  Receivers usually feel deeply relaxed.  Some fall asleep.  Others feel energy moving in their bodies or have other meditative experiences.

Because so many recipients of this work end up in such a state of deep relaxation, we end distance healing sessions with a simple goodbye.  This allows the recipient to remain in the state of deep relaxation until it naturally comes to an end.  This can be anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.  For this reason, we also ask that recipients of distance healing sessions make their payment before the session begins.

Sessions usually last about forty five minutes, but can vary greatly. Sometimes the needed work is completed in a few minutes.  Sometimes more than an hour is needed.  We recommend allowing two hours in your schedule for the session.  This includes the session itself and the time afterwards to enjoy the feelings of deep relaxation and ease.

If any follow up conversation is needed, recipients are invited to contact Elliott via email.

What Does Universal Qi Transmission Treat

This form of healing does not treat illnesses or diseases in the sense that those words are used in modern medicine.  What it does is bring the flows of energy within and around the body into harmony and balance.  These flows of energy are the roots of our being and our material and conscious experiences are the flowers and fruits of these flows of energy.  By bringing the roots into harmony and balance, our physical health and our conscious experience of life are also brought into balance.

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