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Education.  Inspiration.  Support.  Empowerment.  Transformation.

As a Traditional Naturopath, and a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Certified Integrative Health and Nutrition Health Coach, I have been educating, coaching and supporting individuals and families worldwide for over 10 years.  Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching, is, in fact, how The Grove Studio came to be, originally as The Autism Coach where I focused on teaching families about the importance of diet and nutrition for their child’s health and well being.  For many clients, including those with children on the spectrum, the results have been tremendous. Since then I have expanded my work to support individuals - across all income levels -  challenged by a multitude of seemingly chronic health conditions, from infertility to gut issues, obesity and fibromyalgia.

A common misconception is that coaches are supposed to tell clients what to do, and to provide them with checklists to follow.  Real and lasting transformation, however, can only come from within.  Within you.  It’s a personal thing.  I am just the training wheels supporting your ride.  The coaching series, divided into 12 modules, is designed to help clarify your understanding and beliefs on health and wellness, identify and prioritize your concerns and your goals, discover both strengths and obstacles - and then move on to an individualized plan that will teach, inspire and support you as we work together to make progress along this journey.  My approach is structured, yet flexible, and sensitively adapts to meet you where you are now, and then proceeds to guide you to where you would like to be.  At times I can be direct, but I am always gentle, compassionate and practical, with no shortage of humor when needed.

It is my strong and genuine belief that true health starts with real food and diet.  A well nourished foundation of unprocessed, whole, nutrient dense, and seasonal foods is the not only preventative medicine – it is your strongest ally in helping to restore your body's own vitality so that it can do it's job, physical and mental, to reverse ailments and their resultant symptoms.  But it doesn't end with food and our physical bodies.  We also need to address the mental, emotional and spiritual parts of ourselves – what nourishes and what depletes them – so that we can try to get it all into balance and achieve true integrative health.

Our work together (this is a partnership!) begins with a 90 minute “getting to know you” session.  We will talk about your goals, your challenges, your strengths, and your history.  I can work with any budget, and can help work around perceived and true obstacles.  The first session creates the roadmap for our journey.  Then, with each following session, we review progress before introducing a new topic.  And, after each of these sessions I will provide you with reading and viewing material, and a few “action steps” - sometimes just baby ones.   By the time we complete that 12 session series, be it in 6 or 12 months, you will be aware, confident and well prepared to continue your personal journey independently.  Of course I will always be available to you for additional support if needed.

Please contact me directly when you are ready to learn more.

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