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AMERICA'S PILL PROBLEM: One in three Americans take pain medication every single day, research shows

"Of those polled, the average respondent spends three days a week feeling limited by pain.

Almost half (49%) said they’re affected by pain at work, and two in five (40%) said it impacts their ability to do social activities.

'Pain caused from environmental factors can directly impact your lifestyle choices,' said Tate Stock, Chirp CEO. “In addition to limited physical activity, pain can cause psychological effects such as feelings of isolation and fatigue, being easily distracted or having a poor self-image.”

Sixty-one percent of respondents noted environmental factors that contribute to their pain."

Massage and Cupping Therapies are highly effective and drug-free alternatives for not only managing pain, but for addressing underlying structural issues that may be contributing to that pain.

Source: The Sun

And (just one paper of many):

"A large and growing body of research, including the current project, justifies the use of massage therapy for pain management in the acute care setting. Massage therapy can provide pain relief and relaxation, can support a patient’s emotional well-being and recovery, and can ultimately aid in the healing process for hospitalized patients."

Source: International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

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