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Dry cupping therapy decreases cellulite in women: A pilot study

"A pre-test and post-test quasi-experimental design was utilized in this study. The dry moving cupping therapy was applied on right and left thighs of forty healthy female subjects. The grade of cellulite was assessed before and three days following dry moving cupping therapy. In the present study, the mean grade of cellulite was decreased following dry moving cupping therapy comparing with before. Also, the age and weight were positively correlated with the mean grade of cellulite both before and after dry moving cupping therapy. These results indicate for the first time in humans that dry moving cupping therapy might be effective on cellulite. Dry moving cupping therapy may cause the drainage of interstitial fluid and its elements into blood and lymphatic capillaries, especially lipids in cellulite."

Note: This is Medi-Cupping, which combines Manual Lymphatic Drainage with Dynamic Cupping, and is one of our most requested therapies (for many other conditions and overall wellness.) Please contact the studio to learn more and/or to schedule an appointment!

Source: Semantic Scholar

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