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Effect of manual lymph drainage massage on urinary excretion of neurohormones and minerals

Here's an older paper, going back to 1978. What is interesting is that treatment with Manual Lymphatic Drainage ("MLD") resulted highly significant urinary excretion of histamine, and significant urinary excretion of adrenaline, noradrenaline and serotonin.

"Treatment of 29 cases of chronic lymphedema of various origins, mostly of the lower limbs, by manual lymph drainage massage resulted in significant changes of neurohormone excretion in the urine, whereas the secretion of 17-KS, thyroxine, minerals, and creatinine was not significantly changed. Comparison of the values of urinalysis before and after manual lymph drainage of the patients showed the following changes: 17-KS; -3.5% (non significant); 17-OH: -31% (significant); adrenaline: +50% (significant); noradrenaline: +19% (significant); serotonin: -22% (significant); 5-HIAA: +21% (significant); histamine: +129% (highly significant); thyroxine: -17% (nonsignificant); creatinine: -17% (nonsignificant); sodium: -1% (nonsignificant); potassium: -14% (nonsignificant). The corresponding values for ten controls were all non significant. These findings underline the importance of adrenaline and noradrenaline release by manual lymph drainage, which improves circulation. On the other hand, our results indicate the involvement of histamine and perhaps of serotonin in lymphedema formation, and suggest a combination of manual lymph drainage massage with antihistamine and antiserotonin treatment."

Source: Angiology


Histamine Induces Vascular Hyperpermeability by Increasing Blood Flow and Endothelial Barrier Disruption In Vivo

From the abstract:

"Histamine is a major preformed mediator released by mast cells and it strongly increases vascular permeability. This increase in vascular permeability is responsible for several features of acute allergic reactions including edema, urticaria, and anaphylactic shock in serious cases."

Source: PloS One

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