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Russian Researcher Reveals Human Energy Fields Related to Love, Positive, Negative, Emotion.

Negative emotions destroy a person’s aura as well as other people’s.

A person’s aura is strengthened by positive emotions like joy, humor, and love, Korotkov said. “If people have negative emotions—anger, envy—then it decreases the energy field, makes the energy field shrink and sometimes even disappear.” Negative emotions directed at someone else can decrease that person’s energy field, too, even from a distance, according to Korotkov’s studies. He has photographed two people in love and found their auras intermingle. Conversely, two people with no emotional connection have a gap between their auras.

Love heals.

“When we are in love, we transfer this energy, not just in our imagination, but it is real physical transformation of physical energy,” he said. “That’s why people when they have loving people, they heal. They can send positive emotions and help the healing process.”

A healthy person has a robust, full field. A sick person has gaps in their field, Korotkov said.


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