The Lymphatic System and Blood Pressure

This, going back to 1998:

"Lymphatics, a third component of the circulation, may be deranged by the same factors as veins and arteries. Malfunctioning through overload or dyscrasia, they may foster high blood pressure. It is hypothesized that essential hypertension is caused by lymphatic system aberrations."

Source: Medical Hypothesis

From 2018:

"Our results confirm that skin interstitium may be involved in the pathogenesis of essential hypertension in humans. Lower levels of VEGF-C in hypertensive groups suggest that impairment of lymphangiogenesis and protective function of the skin lymphatic system may play a role in the pathogenesis of hypertension."

Source: Lymphatic Research and Biology

From 2020:

"Although the precise mechanism is still unclear, our data show that the increased blood pressure is causally related to the dysfunction of lymph vessels. Because the lymphatic system contributes physiologically to the regulation of body fluid volume balance due to buffering ability, the impairment of this system may at least partly be responsible for increasing systemic blood pressure."

Source: AHA Journals

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