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Functional Health & Nutrition Coaching. Autism Coaching.

Integrative Massage & Bodywork. Esalen® Massage.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Cupping Therapies. Stretching.

Our integrative manual treatment sessions are priced by time, and are adapted by the therapist to the client's unique condition, needs and preferences.  Manual Lymphatic Drainage - with or without Lymphatic Cupping - is offered for both medical (including pre- and post-op) and wellness clients.  For massage clients, Esalen®, Swedish, "Deep Tissue," Myofascial Release, Stretching, Cupping Therapy and Hot Stone Therapies may be (and are often) combined.  First-time clients are recommend to schedule a two hour session.  Prices listed are all-inclusive.  We do not accept gratuity.  All are very much welcome (regardless of gender, orientation, race, nationality, or religion).