Autism Acceptance - False Dichotomies and the Damage Done

“One of the most prevalent false dichotomies, one that parents like me have been on the receiving end of a great number of times, is this:

EITHER you believe that your child’s autism is lifelong, a fundamental part of who your child is and therefore love and accept your child OR you are seeking interventions that might diminish or cure the autism symptoms, revealing that you don’t believe that autism is necessarily lifelong or integral to who your child is and therefore you are unaccepting of your child, perhaps do not even love or deserve your child or see your child as fully human.

The choices are love and acceptance OR treatments, representing something much less beautiful than love.

I can say with 100% certainty that while I seek treatments for my child with autism in the hope of lessening his debilitating symptoms, I most definitely accept him.”

Source: Thinking Autism

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