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Lymphatic system found to play key role in hair regeneration

Keep it (lymph) flowin', keep it (hair) growin'? :)

"The researchers also discovered a new component of the niche: a specialized type of vessel called lymphatic capillaries, which transport immune cells and drain excess fluids and toxins from tissues. These capillaries form an intimate network around the stem cell niche within each hair follicle, the study showed, thereby interconnecting all its niches.

Hair-follicle stem cells control the behavior of lymphatic capillaries by secreting molecules that act as an on-off switch for drainage, the scientists found, enabling them to control the composition of fluids and cells in the surrounding locale and ultimately synchronize regeneration across the tissue.

"The involvement of the lymphatic system in this process is a new concept," says Fuchs, "and might potentially provide new therapeutic targets for lymph-related conditions such as wound-healing defects and hair loss."

NOTE: This article is being shared for informational purposes only. (Do your own research.) I truly have no idea if stimulating lymphatic flow would have any effect on stimulating hair growth. But, it is a logical and interesting idea to further explore.

Source: Science Daily

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