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Meningeal Lymphatics and their role in Central Nervous System Disorder(s)

On the The Gut, The Brain and The Lymphatic System. (Hint: It's all connected.).

"New and emerging knowledge about the meningeal lymphatic system has highlighted and characterized the movement of immune cells in this system in both a healthy and diseased brain environment. Understanding the unique features of this system will not only permit a greater understanding of its functions but could also provide avenues for developing novel therapeutics for CNS disorders. A current research study on CNS disorders suggests that aberrations in lymphatic drainage may contribute to the symptoms of certain neurological diseases including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, TBI, and brain tumors. The manipulation of lymphangiogenesis could be a target for treatment, perhaps through increasing the formation of lymphatic vessels to aid in the clearance of harmful debris from the lymphatic system. Moreover, the parallel rediscovery and recharacterization of the gut microbiome in the past decade, especially in the unraveling of the microbiota's important roles in the development and function of the immune system, brings up new questions on a potential gut-meningeal immunity communication wherein the gut microbiota may play a role in shaping the immune populations present in the meninges."

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