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Myofascial Release: The Benefits of Sustained Pressure

This is exactly why I don't offer short, one hour, sessions. Unless we're focusing on one area (but even then, remember it's all connected!) there's just not enough time to do things properly and for lasting effects:

"Slower pace combined with more sustained pressure may not be something you learned or are used to when starting a massage session with a client. But without a slower pace and sustained pressure—especially when working on myofascial restrictions—the results will often be superficial and temporary.

The sustained pressure we are discussing creates a current, a stimulation of the electromagnetic field that allows for a rehydration of the ground substance that the myofascial restrictions have made viscous. As fluidity returns to our system, the proper flow of the healing energy of our bodies is also returned.

Adding myofascial release to the other massage therapy techniques you practice will give you a more holistic and comprehensive way to work with your clients."

Source: Massage Today

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