The effect of foot massage duration on vital signs of patients with cerebrovascular accidents

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

The abstract below is complicated. In short, five minutes of massage therapy (in this study, applied to the feet only) improved key vital signs (heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and respiration rate) in hospitalized stroke patients.

"FINDINGS: According to the findings, the mean heart rate (79±10.62 and 76.50±9.72) and respiration (16±3.20 and 15.03±3.02) decreased in the intervention groups (1 and 2) in the first minute and the fifth minute after massage (p\textless0.001). Mean arterial pressure in intervention group 2 (95.15±12.54 and 92.09±12.63) decreased in the first and fifth minutes after massage (p\textless0.001). Body temperature in group 1 in the fifth minute after massage (36.99±0.37 and 36.95±0.36) showed a decrease (p=0.005)."

Source: Journal of Babol University of Medical Sciences

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